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Winter Driving – Tips for driving in Icy Weather

How to prepare for driving on ice

Firstly, think about whether your journey is necessary. Before you leave home make sure you pack a charged mobile phone, water, a few snacks and a warm blanket. If snowfall looks likely, a set of snow socks – high-grip fabric covers fitted over the car’s driven wheels – is worth having, too.

Tyre grip is hugely reduced on icy roads, and braking distances are much longer. Even if you avoid an accident, your car may get stuck – potentially leading to a long walk home. Traffic congestion is likely to be worse, too.

If you’re driving to meet someone, let them know your route and when you expect to arrive. Make sure the car’s windows and mirrors are completely clear before you set off.

How to drive on icy roads

Anticipation and smoothness are key for driving on icy roads.

Look well ahead for potential hazards – including, of course, patches of ice – and keep your speed well down.

Accelerate, brake, steer and change gear as smoothly as possible to reduce the risk of a skid.

A higher gear may be more appropriate to aid grip on packed ice. This helps manage engine power delivery, making it easier to find traction. If it’s a manual, you might need to slip the clutch a little to prevent the car from stalling.

What is the braking distance on ice?

Braking distances can increase tenfold on ice compared with a dry road.

For this reason, you should leave up to 10 times the normal recommended gap between you and the car in front.

Remember that tyres grip less efficiently in cold conditions. So even if the temperature is above zero and there’s no ice on the road, you should take extra care.

Winter tyres offer more grip and can significantly increase performance in icy conditions.

What is black ice?

Black ice is a thin layer of ice on the road surface. Because it is smooth and transparent, it appears the same colour as the road below.
Black ice can be almost invisible to drivers, which makes it particularly dangerous.

How to identify and drive on black ice

Sometimes black ice appears as a glossy sheen on the road. You may see it glinting in the sunlight, or spot cars ahead swerving for no obvious reason.
It’s likely you won’t see black ice at all, so be particularly cautious on shaded stretches of road, bridges, flyovers and tunnels.
If you hit a patch of black ice, don’t panic. Keep the steering wheel straight and maintain your speed – don’t hit the brakes. Use the gears to slow down, but avoid any sudden movements that could destabilise the car.

How to correct a skid on ice

If you do encounter a skid, steer gently into it.

For example, if the rear of the car is sliding to the right, steer to the right.

As above, do not take your hands off the steering wheel or brake hard.

Proximo has reached 1,000 LinkedIn Followers

We have recently exceeded 1000 followers on Linkedin, a great achievement for Proximo!

The aim of our page is to keep you up to date with the great work our people do every day, business news, updates and all things Proximo.

We’ve got some amazing things planned for the future so we’ll be continuing to use Linkedin as a way of telling you all about them, to make sure you’re one of the first to hear about our news don’t forget to follow us!

Here’s to the next 1000 followers! (now, where’s the cake?!)

5 simple tips to tackle working from home


1. Set and stick to a routine. Without steady schedules, the lines between work and personal time can get blurred and be stressful to get right. Follow your normal sleep and work patterns if you can and stay consistent.  Most importantly, when your workday stops, stop working. Shut down, stop checking emails and focus on your home life.

2. Make a dedicated workspace. If you can, find a quiet space away from people and distractions like the TV. Get everything you need in one place before you start to work – chargers, pens, paper and anything else – and shut the door if you can.

3. Give yourself a break. Making time for breaks is important to help manage feelings of stress – try to take lunch and regular screen breaks. Give yourself time to concentrate on something else so you feel more focused when you return.

4. Stay connected. There are lots of ways to stay in touch with those who matter – boosting their mental wellbeing as well as our own. Human interaction matters, so schedule a Teams call and pick up the phone instead of emailing. If you are struggling with working at home, speak to your colleagues or manager about your concerns.

5. Be kind to yourself. Remember, this is an unusual situation and things may not feel normal. Be kind to yourself and acknowledge that you might not fee las productive as you usually would do in the office. Be realistic about what you can achieve given the circumstances and relax when your work is done.

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Proximo Supports World Cancer Day

Proximo Supports World Cancer Day 2021 and raises much-needed funds for the Teenage Cancer Trust with the 2800 Squat Challenge

On 4 February we celebrate World Cancer Day – a day that unites people, communities and entire countries to raise awareness and take action against cancer.

In 2018, 18 million people worldwide were diagnosed with cancer. Today, thanks to research, 2 in 4 people in the UK survive their cancer for 10 years or more. With our help, Cancer Research UK (CRUK) can transform the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer, benefitting people with the disease both here in the UK and around the world.

To raise much-needed funds for World Cancer Day, and the Teenage Cancer Trust, Proximo’s Finance Director Eliane Chadwick is taking part in the 2800 Squat challenge!

The Teenage Cancer Trust has a vision for a future where young people’s lives don’t stop because they have cancer. They make sure they’re treated as young people first, cancer patients second and everything they do aims to improve their quality of life and chances of survival.

To donate to Eliane’s challenge and see how Proximo supports World Cancer Day 2021 follow the link below –

Proximo Supports The West Cheshire Food Bank

The Trussell Trust – “We know #ThisCanChange”.

Proximo are pleased and excited to announce that from the many worthy charities that were suggested by our people, we will be supporting The West Cheshire Food Bank, alongside Hollybank Trust and Mind, for the rest of the year.

During April 2020, food banks saw an 89% increase in need compared to the same period last year, with a staggering 107% increase in emergency food parcels for children. This 89% increase included the number of families coming to the food banks doubling and their belief is that no one should be struggling to keep their heads above water.

The situation has seen The Trussell Trust recently report the following statistics:

• Food banks have reported the busiest fortnight during the first two weeks of the pandemic.
• In the first two weeks of the pandemic, food banks in the network saw need increase by 81%
• They distributed an average of 6,250 emergency food parcels daily.
• For children, the need increased by 122%
• That is over 6,250 emergency food parcels provided to people in crisis each day, with close to 3,000 for children every single day during that fortnight!

Food banks are continuing to meet this need despite some of the most challenging circumstances, and this would not be possible without our donations and community support. The West Cheshire Food Bank have been overwhelmed by the love, compassion and empathy of our teams at Proximo and local people. By standing alongside them, you are helping foodbanks to dynamically adapt to the challenging task ahead.

We encourage you where possible to continue donating after checking with your local food bank what items are most needed, these lists can be found on the food banks website here

How you can get involved
Find your local Foodbank – find out what items they need, this can be found on their web page, email or call to check before donating.
Deliver to a collection point – direct to the local food bank, supermarket, church, or organise you own local collection point in your office (if safe to do so)
Volunteer – donate your time to help out, collecting food, sorting, packing or making tea, provide a friendly face to those who need it
Fundraise – plan a fundraising event to raise funds for The Trussell Trust central support fund supporting all foodbanks, working on expanding the additional services available to help tackle the issues that cause poverty to help clients overcome this.
Regular Donation – payroll giving, direct debit or standing order.
Partner with your local Foodbank – through fundraising, sponsoring or donating equipment or by sharing skills that the foodbank might benefit from

Proximo Supports Mind Charity


Proximo are pleased and excited to announce that from the many worthy charities that were suggested by our people, we will be supporting Mind, alongside Hollybank Trust, for the rest of the year.

Every year, one in four of us will experience a mental health problem. But hundreds of thousands of people are still struggling. Mind believes no one should have to face a mental health problem alone. They will listen, give you support and advice, and fight your corner.

When you are experiencing a mental health problem, supportive and reliable information can change your life. Mind empower people to understand their condition and the choices available to them through the following:
• The Infoline, which offers callers confidential help for the price of a local call.
• The Legal Line, which provides information on mental health-related law to the public, service users, family members/carers, mental health professionals and mental health advocates.
• The award-winning publications and website, now certified by the Information Standard.

Mind has celebrated World Mental Health Day annually since it was first observed in 1992, this occurs on the 10th of October each year. In addition, Mind is part of the Time to Change coalition, along with Rethink. Time to Change is an England-wide campaign to end mental health discrimination.

We are very much looking forward to supporting our chosen charities this year and raising money and awareness to these very worthy causes.

The Proximo Christmas Toy Drive

This December, Big Yellow Self Storage Chester launched their annual Christmas Toy Appeal that aims to put smiles on faces of sick and under privileged children and families this Christmas. The appeal has raised over £100,000 worth of new toys & gifts over the years that have then been distributed to many locally based Charities including Miles of Smiles, Kids Bank Chester, Save the Family and The Countess of Chester Hospital Children’s Ward to name but a few.

This year we were aiming to collect as many gifts as possible for those who need it more than us. We were bowled over by the support we received this year, with our people and businesses helping us with donations, alongside sports clubs. In what has been a difficult year, Big Yellow Storage with our help were able to share out over 2,000 presents to those who needed it most during a difficunt time for many.

HollyBank Trust

Proximo are pleased to support HollyBank Trust, helping to provide quality of life, for life, by raising money and awareness to this very worthy cause.
Everyone has the right to live a full and happy life. HollyBank Trust provides teaching, residential care, plus a range of therapies and enrichment activities for children, young people and adults with profound and multiple disabilities. They are there for parents and families right from their child’s first diagnosis, throughout their life.

The needs of children, young people and adults lie at the heart of everything HollyBank Trust do and that is why they’ve invested in the best facilities possible: an outstanding school, a state-of-the-art hydrotherapy and rebound service, beautiful grounds and a forward-thinking assistive technology team that helps people maintain their independence.

HollyBank Trust make peoples’ lives better – not just the children, young people and adults who go there, but also their friends and family. Because of the work they do, families can focus on being mums, dads, brothers and sisters, rather than teachers, nurses and carers. The impact of their 24/7 care and support goes way beyond the sites too, out into the communities where they operate. Our donations and support help to make HollyBank a super, special place to live and learn.

To find out more about the great work HollyBank Trust does and make a donation, click here