Making A Difference In Our Community!​

We are thrilled to announce that the Proximo Group has donated a batch of computers to North Wales Recycle I.T. CIC, a not-for-profit social enterprise in North Wales! These computers will be used to support their amazing projects, including the one where they empower disadvantaged children through educational workshops. 

Through our donation, we are not just recycling old IT equipment, but also contributing to a brighter future for those in need! We believe in the power of education and equal opportunities, and that’s why we’re proud to support the team in their efforts to provide valuable learning experiences.

One of the projects the team shared with us was truly heart-warming – the workshop event where children get to learn about the components inside a PC. It’s incredible to know that after the event, these bright minds get to keep the computers, opening a world of possibilities for their future! 

To learn more about Recycle IT and their inspiring projects, visit their website: