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The Proximo Group Football Tournament

This year was an exceptionally exciting year at The Proximo Group for Company events as we held our first ever football tournament.

Given that we have many football supporters within the Company and our very own Men’s football team, we considered it appropriate to put those skills to the test. The event was mixed with Ladies & Gents from across various departments in the Company, and interestingly but not surprisingly, the Ladies appeared to be the most skilful players on the day! We certainly do have a few hidden football gems within our business.

This event was most certainly a competitive game of sport. It was full of fun and side tackles, a couple of rolling tumbles, penalty shoots and of course an overall winning team.

Working at The Proximo Group provides individuals with an opportunity to build prospering relationships. We thrive off team building events as we believe a united team is a key element to a satisfactory career and a successful business.

It goes without saying that The Group Football Tournament will now become a permanent fixture in the Company diary!
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