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Dedicated Insurance and Support for Driving Instructors

Becoming a driving instructor can be one of the most rewarding jobs in the world. Not only do you get to set up your own business, you can also dictate that hours that you work and the type of clients you take on. On top of that, you’re making a real difference to people’s lives.

One of the big challenges that driving instructors face, of course, is the cost of running a car. That includes the all-important insurance. You can’t take out standard insurance because you are essentially running the car for business purposes. There’s also the issue of your mileage – driving instructors can cover thousands of miles a week which adds to the cost of premiums.

You will also have dual control car which is considered slightly more ‘dangerous’ than a normal one, even though it’s meant to keep everyone safe. Essentially, you are not personally in full control of the car and you have a provisional driver at the wheel.

Insurance premiums for driving instructors can add a significant amount to the cost of running this type of business so it pays to shop around. One thing you should consider from the outset is using a specialist broker who knows how to find the best insurance deals out there for driving instructors. It can save you a lot in premiums over the long term.

A broker will also be able to find the right insurance company who will deliver the support you need if something goes wrong.

For instance, what happens if your car is in an accident? Any time  off the road is going to have an impact on your bottom line as well as your reputation. How quickly will your insurance company and their third party incident management be able to get you back on the road? Quite often, that can mean the difference between being able to stay in business and facing enormous difficulties.

You can, of course, go for normal business insurance but this is undoubtedly a false economy. Specialist insurance may cost a little more but it also covers you for everything you need including aspects like public liability. Your broker will be able, hopefully, to factor in a few extras and advise on things like excesses. What, for example, happens if your car simply breaks down and you’re not able to get to your next customer? Most straight business insurance cover won’t help you with this.

A specialist broker will be able to consider everything you need and work with you to help reduce the costs and provide full cover and assistance. That will include who’s coming out to help when your vehicle breaks down or has an accident, ensuring you get back on the road as soon as possible.

At Proximo we often liaise with a wide range of brokers and insurance companies helping to deliver incident management, so we know how important full and comprehensive cover is to driving instructors.

That support is just as important as the financial cover that pays to get your car repaired in the first place. It’s well worth considering when you’re trying to choose an insurance company for your driving instructor business.


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