In conversation with Martyn Sibley – Proximo Group Podcast

We’re excited to share the first episode of Proximo Group’s ‘In Conversation With’ podcast, featuring David Dew-Veal, our Director of Strategy & Innovation, and Martyn Sibley, Co-founder and CEO of Purple Goat and Non-Executive Director at Proximo.


In this episode, Martyn and David share powerful perspectives on disability, including some of their personal challenges and experiences of societal barriers:


  • Martyn highlights the physical and psychological barriers he overcame as a young adult and how this shaped his professional and personal mission for disability inclusion.
  • David shares his experience of growing up with a disabled parent, the impact on family life and how his experiences helped shape his career.
  • David and Martyn explore the Social Model of Disability, which explains that people are disabled by barriers in society (physical, attitudes and procedural), not by their impairment, and removing these barriers creates greater equality.
  • The conversation continues by highlighting initiatives like ORA (Open Road Access) and the opportunities presented by technology and data insight to improve accessibility.


Watch it here now.