Disney Magical Taxi Tour

One of London’s most unique charity events is back! A convoy of licensed London taxis will take over 200 children, suffering from a range of chronic debilitating illnesses and life-limiting conditions, on a three-day trip of a lifetime to Disneyland Paris. This Magical Taxi Tour has bought moments of great joy and happiness to sick children.

Due to Coronavirus, the 2020 trip was cancelled, meaning this year The Magical Taxi Tour is back and bigger and better than ever! The trip starts from London’s Canary Wharf, where volunteers including members of the Proximo Team entertain and give the children and helpers the ‘Big breakfast’ before the giant convoy departs to catch the ferry at Dover. This spectacular scene has attracted a great deal of media coverage with numerous television companies in England, France and around the world following the trip.

Organised annually by the Worshipful Company of Hackney Carriage Drivers, this event is only possible with the help of sponsors who generously give toward the £1,500 per taxi necessary to meet the expenses of the hotel, fuel, food, and admission charges. The taxi drivers naturally give freely of their time and use of their vehicles, and the Proximo Group are proud to have our very own Lee Hilligenn kindly taking part in the trip.

The trip from London starts at Canary Wharf in the early hours with the Big Breakfast, which is normally attended by dignitaries from the City of London and representatives of many of the sponsoring Livery Companies. From Canary Wharf, we will depart under police escort to Dover to catch the P&O ferry to Calais.

Did you know

  • To date 2500 taxis have taken almost 5000 children to Disneyland®.
  • 24,000 packed lunches have been supplied to children, drivers and helpers.
  • Nearly 55,000 gallons of diesel have been used on the trip.
  • The Metropolitan Police, City of London Police, London Ambulance NHS Trust, and the AA have provided 200 support vehicles.
  • If one cab had taken everyone on all the trips it would have travelled well over half a million miles.
  • Some of the drivers have been coming every year since 1994, that’s nearly 15,000 unpaid miles of driving.
  • When travelling at speed last year’s convoy, at times, was over three miles long.
  • 50 taxis undertook the first trip in 1994 with 100 children. In the Millennium year, it was 125 taxis with 250 children.
  • The convoy has got through every year despite encountering a Channel Tunnel fire, a blockade of Calais by fishermen, a blockade by lorry drivers and a fuel crisis.
  • Every aspect of the trip is organized by unpaid volunteers.

If you’d like to get involved, find out more about how Proximo is supporting the cause or donate yourself, follow the link below.